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Token: TMN

Industry : Financial Service

ICO Start Date: 30-08-2017 (294)

ICO Closing Date: 19-09-2017 (274)


Transmission is the platform for fast and decisive multicurrency transactions globally. Transmission is endorsed by 50% of total commission amount. It is an electronic system which transfers the reformed changes that handle currencies transfer and conversions. The transmission allows the user to transfer money to relatives, friends, and business partners in a few minutes. The User can transfer all the currencies including crypto-currencies at a regular exchange rate.

Transmission helps for the free virtual international account in all major countries. It allows converting or transferring money to Transmission App. The Currencies can be converted into 15 fiat currencies and well-known crypto-currencies of more than 100 countries. The user can freely transfer same currency between Transmission members in real-time. The process of registration is completed within few minutes.

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Team Members

Mike Gorden - CEO

Rama Rao - CTO

Jack Carter - CFO

Sander Machado - Communication

Tyler Robinson - Blockchain expert


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