TriForce Tokens

New Solutions to gaming industry

Token: TFT

Industry : Gaming

ICO Start Date: 20-02-2018 (92)

ICO Closing Date: 06-03-2018 (78)


Triforce is a completely new revenue models for the gaming industry. TriForce Token has become the industry standard on a multiple gaming platforms which offers player-to-player trading, anti-piracy and a unique marketplace. It has the market honorary system which rewards collaborative gameplay. The technology has given new revenue models, lower attrition rate, and player behavior analysis to developers. It also creates a new gaming experience for players to build a digital asset empire.

Three Foundations of the technologies:-

  • Revenue generations: - Players can trade items on an open market. They can also compete for rewards with each other. The developers can also incentivize players to complete the tasks. The Developers can also set free any p2p transactions. The transactions are instant and seamlessly across the platforms.
  • Player and Developer protection: - Triforce has authenticated network for multiple platforms for detecting piracy. It provides developers methods for extracting revenue from pirated content. The big data interrogations and the behavioral tracking provide deep insights into players. The player activity profiles and honors provide community trust.
  • Community Collaboration: - The players are rewarded by the peers for a positive collaboration. The trustworthy profiles are built which are transparent and verifiable. The players can earn revenues by helping others. The players can stay in communications with each other across all platforms in one central place.       

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Team Members

Pete Mardell - CEO

Raza Ahmed - CTO

Dr. Nazaraf Shah - PhD Research Engineer

Jakub Kafarski - Front-end Engineer

Sorina Rusu - System Developer

Jacob Ashby - General Manager

Simona Patrut - Marketing

Aida Alexie - International Communications

Tib Palin - Token Sale Consultant

Wayne Barker - Social Media and Content Manager

Ali Arshad - UI/UX Designer

Vadim Bulatov - Advisor

Blake Pope - Advisor

Owen Ashby - Advisor

Marek Herm - Advisor

Kate Breed - Advisor

Zahid Ali - Advisor

Haider Malik - Senior Full Stack Developer


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