The first decentralized unicorn. ever.

Token: UCN

Industry : Other

ICO Start Date: 11-11-2017 (221)

ICO Closing Date: 11-11-2017 (221)


UNICOIN is the first decentralized unicorn. The project aims to provide an autonomous cryptocurrency named “UNICOIN” on the Ethereum blockchain. It can be exchanged for Ether directly through UNICOIN smart contract or through the website. UNICOIN pursue the Standard ERC20 token. It supports all the crucial functions to be fully compliant. The unicoin token can be exchanged through the SaveUNICOINs decentralized exchange. It is operated on IPFS and the Ethereum blockchain. The decentralized exchange has some unique features to empower the user to place sell and buy orders. It can be used to directly trade without other users without any middleman or agent.  


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