Decentralized Esports Gaming Token


Industry : Gaming

ICO Start Date: 22-09-2017 (298)

ICO Closing Date: 22-10-2017 (268)


UnikoinGold is created as a decentralized ERC20 token on the Ethereum blockchain. This blockchain is allowed for the exchange and interchange of a virtual point-based reward system for the purpose of legal and licensed betting on sports matches, tournaments and other engagement around gaming. UnikoinGold is used as a premium and incentive token for participating in esports, players, and teams. This token is used on new skill – based betting platform. It will power both wagering and non–wagering experiences.

Unikrn has fabricated the most technologically – advanced wagering platform for esports. The company has designed a token called “Unikoin”.  It gives an opportunity to bet on esports, ladder up and win prizes in the market.

Unikrn token operates a leading international esports entertainment and betting platform. Users of the platform utilize this Unikoin token to participate on the platform and enter jackpots for virtual items and gaming hardware. Unikrn has made it easier and efficient for users to obtain esports products and services. The user must recommend a blockchain based token known as “UnikoinGold”.

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Team Members

Rahul Sood - Co-Founder and CEO

Karl Flores - Co-Founder and CMO

Daniel Rudolph - CTO

Andrew Donley - Lead Crypto Engineer

Bryce Blum - Outside General Counsel

Kingsley Edwards - VP Business Development

Chris Grove - Advisor


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