Value Coin

Value Investing Crypto Fund

Token: VC

Industry : Investment

ICO Start Date: 15-09-2017 (278)

ICO Closing Date: 31-10-2017 (232)


ValueCoin invests cryptocurrencies in the stock market with the aim to limit volatility and risk while generating double-digit returns. The funds invested follows the principles of Value investing, purchasing small to mid-size company shares to obtain superior returns. The basic rule of investing funds is by analyzing fundamental of the company like buying shares at compelling discounts for its innate value.

Value Coin helps investors to invest without any risks, technical barriers, transferring, owning, and trading different stocks with bonds on their own. ICO proceeds with the investment of Value Coin fund in the stock market. It also allows Net Asset Value of a token to increase with the time for the performance of the fund. It provides 24/7 trading and exchanges of the tokens at any time. Value Coin eradicates hurdles for entry and facilities investors to enroll for the fund’s returns on upside and downside markets.

Value Coin token is backed by real asset shares in public companies. The token design is processed and built on Ethereum blockchain which uses ERC223 standard. The team goals to assure that all stakeholders are inclined to grow and promote the funds value of their tokens.

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Team Members

Joaquin Grech - CEO and Investment Manage

Eduardo Huarte - Marketing Advisor

Maria Jesus Oneto - PR and Corporate Advisor

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