A decentralized platform for video chat services

Token: VPY

Industry : Other

ICO Start Date: 21-09-2017 (272)

ICO Closing Date: 21-10-2017 (242)


VanillaPlay is a decentralized, blockchain which empowers platform for video chat services. It allows models, viewers, video streaming relayers and affiliates to earn money. VanillaPlay eradicates 50% of fees and simultaneously increase revenue by 70%. The remaining 30% of revenue is distributed among streaming relayers, affiliates and developers.

VanillaPlay has direct, fast and secure payments. The money received will directly go to models through smart contracts without passing through any centralized payment system. There are no access restrictions. It is an ecosystem which is built to support models for fair trading. This decentralized platform allows VanillaPlay provides a squabble-free alternative. It is not an ordinary business, but it is an ecosystem which provides profits for all parties involved in the business.

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