Decentralized Digital Identification

Token: UCN

Industry : Other

ICO Start Date: 03-10-2017 (287)

ICO Closing Date: 03-12-2017 (226)


VerifyUnion is a decentralized digital Identification and trust verification platform which has a Social Scoring Engine. It boosts digital users to rectify and gain incentives in tokens. These tokens can be used in the VerifyUnion Ecosystem. This is an amazing blockchain identity verifier & Social Scoring engine which is been developed for “True Value ID” thus makes use of Consensus Mechanism for the fantastic experience.

The platform provides users all the necessary information that is required for the verification. It also increases portfolio True Value by giving additional data that user and Reviewer can work upon. VerifyUnion is based on Ethereum blockchain that operates through smart contracts.   

VerifyUnion is planning to launch UC Coins which acts as tradable digital currency on crypto exchanges. It is a method of payment in VerifyCoin Ecosystem which increases the values and potentials of the platform.  VerifyUnion is featured in ICOWatchlist, alts, ICOALERT, ICO TRACKER, Foundico, Coin Schedule, CoinGecko, ICOMagazine, ICOBench, TOP ICO LIST, SMITH + CROWN and ICOCheck and

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Team Members

AJ Smith - CEO

Seung Hyun Myung - CTO

Kerry Friend - CFO

Kwangkue An - Software Engineer Blockchain Engineer

Thilan Pathirage - Software Engineer

Shrutika Shedha - Graphic/UI Designer

Tim Atambay - Software Engineer

Aisha Hanif - Software Engineer

Zeeshan Naveed - Digital Specialist


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