International platform for taking votes

Token: VOTES

Industry : Other

ICO Start Date: 03-10-2017 (287)

ICO Closing Date: 03-11-2017 (256)


Votes is an international platform for voting at any level. It uses Blockchain Technologies and smart contracts that enable translucent and loyal polls, votings, elections testings and other activities on the base of the platform. VOTES is based on project. There are around 10 million people who use the service during the whole time of its existence. The clients of Votes are well-known companies such as Samsung, Bosch, Adidas and some other well – known companies.

VOTES Platform is built on Blockchain technology that enables distributed storage of voting details. The polls organized by VOTES cannot be wrong or false. The results cannot be altered as it is impossible to change the whole chain of records. VOTES is one of the Russia’s largest online voting service Simpoll.

Advantages: -

Public opinion polls: - The platform facilities to arrange a public opinion poll with the most sincere and translucent way of counting the votes.

Voting of Companies’ Shareholders- The unified technology of smart contracts will enable large corporations to apply VOTES while making decisions with the help of polling by shareholders.

Exams at educational Institutions: - VOTES can be utilized to test the knowledge of students by using smart contracts for calculating results and rating

Holding of elections: - VOTERS ensures the reliability of counting votes in the elections of any level.

Testing and Questionnaire survey of employees: - Companies are assured the absolute equality of their employees when they excel professional testing on VOTES platform

Sociological Surveys: - Companies can organize social surveys related to their products on this platform.

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Team Members

Aleksandr Khasanov - CEO

Aleksey Zuzin - CVO

Ivan Yundev - CMO

Aleksey Povetkin - CTO

Dino Pastos - ADVISOR

Natalya Avtaeva - ADVISOR


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