Deliver Ad revenue share using Ethereum

Token: VUP

Industry : Other

ICO Start Date: 21-10-2017 (269)

ICO Closing Date: 20-11-2017 (239)


VuePay is an amazing platform where advertisers can target potential customers. It is a decentralized dispersed platform for users to gain a share of the advertisers bid on the Cost Per view on targeted advertisements on mobile devices. It is using demographic variables such as age rager, gender, parental status, household income, address, place of birth, and qualification. The charges of publishing the advertisers are not shared with the users, as it doesn’t have any transparency related to the information and distribution of the advertisements costs.

VuePay token contract holds and handles VUP token in place of its shareholders. Vuepay is building on Ethereum blockchain network. The tokens are central as it maintains VuePay platform. The transaction on the VuePay platform holds VuePay token. All these transactions processed on Vuepay are translucent and auditable.  

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Team Members

Saurabh - Co-founder

Rohit - Co-Founder

Rotimi - Data Chief

Sanjay - Ethereum/ Blockchain Evangelist

Balazs - Chief Data Scientist

Abhijeet - Ethereum & ML Architect

Nitin - Chief Consultant

Arijit - Chief Legal Consultant


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