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Industry : Other

ICO Start Date: 01-10-2017 (262)

ICO Closing Date: 31-12-2017 (171)


WebCoin is a new cryptocurrency asset. It is based on the waves Blockchain. This is web and social media exchange services featured in webhits.io Ecosystem. It is affiliated with marketers to increase ROI. The book Authors increases book sales and readership audience. It is utilized for Small Businesses and Digital Marketing agencies to accept more social media engagement on their and their clients’ websites, social media pages, pots articles, and blogs at the lowest price on the market. The Resellers and Freelancers extend the number of web and social media services which are offered. It is used for influencing social media for generating revenue using their profiles.

The main aim of WebCoin is to provide actual results and increase ROI. It is focused to lower the cost of service for website and social media engagement services globally. The Ecosystem recommends two innovative solutions which are as follows:-

  1. Digital Marketing world: - This is an Internet-based P2P network which assures ROI results cheaper than ever before.
  2. Cryptocurrency World: - This is a substitute way for WebCoin mining. It differs from other cryptocurrency mining and proof of work.

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Team Members

STEVEN KROHN - ICO Advisor & Social Media Influencer

VLADIMIR NINOV - Co-founder & Marketing Director

KOSTADIN DRAGANOV - Co-founder & Full Stack Developer

DANIEL ALEXANDROV - Solution architect

STOYAN GEORGIEV - Front-End Developer & Graphic Designer

DIMITAR POPOV - Communications Manager

GIANLUCA RUBIOLO - Advisor & Investor

TAK FONG - Crypto Trader & Investor

BUNPATSORN MATRA - Advisor CEO BKK Automation Co ltd

DANIELE MANGANO - Advisor CEO Mangano Robot

URBANO TOZZI - Serial Entrepreneur & Advisor

MILOS ANICIC - CEO Serbit Automotion & Advisor

FRANCESCO SALVATORE - CEO and Robot Programming Company ROBOT ICS & Advisor


LANZ CHAN - PHD Founder & CEO of Finamatrix- Adjunct Professor & ICO Advisor

AUSTIN RICHARDS - Entrepreneur- P2P Digital Asset Consulting & ICO Advisor


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