Global blockchain platform for high-quality healthcare

Token: WELL

Industry : Health care Industry

ICO Start Date: 25-02-2018 (142)

ICO Closing Date: 15-05-2018 (63)


Joinwell is global blockchain platform for high-quality healthcare. It is globalizing healthcare and eradicates country to precisely connect doctors, therapists, psychologists and other healthcare specialists to patients worldwide. The team is creating WELL tokens to solve the world’s biggest healthcare issues to inundate cross-border payments, data accessibility, and payment risk. The team is providing high-quality services to healthcare providers for serving everyone. The firm believes in the utility of WELL token and is working with several members who can make use of the token.


  • WELL network comes up with frictionless transactions that encourage engagement and growth.
  • WELL has working products and fast-growing network of patients and doctors.
  • WELL gives potentiality for crypto investors to diversify their holding which includes a token that can be used for healthcare facilitates.
  • WELL has reached the global stage and the multilingual capabilities of the platform.
  • WELL has the free distribution of the platform and provides strong social mission that empowers nonprofits.
  • WELL has limited issuance of WELL tokens
  • WELL comes with variety of token usage within the system and creates a high-demand for tokens
  • WELL has opportunities to be partnered with government institutions and other profitable business models


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Team Members

Ildar Fazulyanov - Founder and CEO

Dmitry Semenov - Development Team Lead

Dr. Matthew Lefferman - Clinical Director

Nate Flake - Project Manager

Josh Fonger - Process Architect

Yetkin Timocin - Developer

Harry Nelson - Legal Advisor

Robert Zimmerman - HIPPA and IT Security Advisor

Paul Brown - Investor and Advisor

Alex Prokhorov - Investor and Chairman of Advisory Board

George Alex Popescu - Investor and Advisor


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