Winding Tree

Decentralizing the Oligopolistic Travel Industry

Token: LIF

Industry : Leisure & Travel

ICO Start Date: 18-09-2017 (275)

ICO Closing Date: 18-10-2017 (245)


Winding Tree is a blockchain – based decentralized open source travel distribution platform. The platform is recommended for the travel industry.

Since, the oligopolistic nature of the travel industry allows for superior margins, double marginalization and inhibits competition. Winding Tree gives the distribution power back in the hands of individual hotels and airlines. Blockchain provides a truly free and competitive platform in the travel industry.

The winding tree is partnered with Lufthansa, Swiss, Austrian, Brussels airlines and Eurowings. This is the future of travel which doesn’t have centralized control means no exorbitant transaction fees and no barriers to entry. Their team allows small companies to compete with big players and brings innovation back into the travel industry.

Lif ICO facilitates payments for participation in platform governance. Suppliers can distribute inventory directly to points of sale, skipping costly intermediaries and bottlenecks to data. The seller can access their inventory from all suppliers from a single platform with no extra fees and barriers. Lif token is used to pay directly for travel needs. Winding tree foundation strives to make travel better for everyone through their initiatives.

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Team Members

Maksim Izmaylov - CEO

Jakub Vysoky - CTO

Pedro Anderson - COO

Augusto Lemble - Blockchain Architect

Nicolas Berger - Chief Architect


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