Blockchain-powered mobile shopping

Token: WYS

Industry : Other

ICO Start Date: 31-01-2018 (140)

ICO Closing Date: 28-02-2018 (112)


The customers have the right to own, control and make a profit out of their data. The wysker app enables users to find products faster while gaining WYS tokens for product viewers. The tokens can be encashed for discounts that give a value. The app collects high-quality data so that consumers can trade with advertisers at their direction, without providing any control or comprising the privacy.

The wysker App is a new kind of e-commerce, which is empowered by blockchain with mobile shopping. It also provides an opportunity for retailers to increase their sales. Wys token is an “ERC20’ utility token. It commutates a new generation of digital commerce that operates on Ethereum blockchain.     


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Team Members

Tobias Haag - Founder / CEO Google- SV Entrepreneur

Kai Jaeger - Founder / CTO Deutsche Bank- Microsoft

Dr. Ann-Lauriene Haag - Founder / COO McGill Physicist- Caltech

Etienne Kiefer - CMO BBDO- Heimat Berlin

Joshua Scigala - Smart Contracts / ICOs Co-Founder Vaultoro.com

Todd Price - Wallet Systems / Ledgers Cryptocurrency Advocate

Dawid Platek - Frontend Development Co-Founder Inspace.io

Maksym Plencler - Frontend Development Co-Founder Inspace.io

Piotr Moskala - Platform Development Co-Founder Inspace.io

Michal Zaborowski - Platform Development Co-Founder Inspace.io

Lovis Lattke - UX & Motion Design Co-Founder Monolytic.net

Julius Lattke - Art / Interaction Design Co-Founder Monolytic.net

Joshua Steinberg - Business Development Ex-Google- YouTube

Ange Royall-Kahin - Corporate Communications Chief of Staff at WATTx

Klaus Bender - Chief Editor Ex-Grey Germany

Mike Maciejewski - Content / Social Media Macromedia MHMK

Kevin Kopaka - Visual Commications 30 under 30 FF

Eckhardt Weber - Investor / Legal Council Fintech- Legal Expert

Anna Viegener - Investor / Advisor Viega CSO

Dr. Zeno - Schumacher Advisor / DB Structures McGill Physicist- ETHZ

John Bruer - Advisor / Analytics BCG Gamma

Sven Korschinowski - Advisor / Blockchain Partner KPMG

Dr. Ulrich Keunecke - Advisor / Corporate Law Partner KPMG-Law

Florain Merkel - Advisor / Corporate Law KPMG Smart Start


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