Zonto World

The single app for interacting with the world

Token: ZONTO

Industry : Network

ICO Start Date: 12-09-2017 (281)

ICO Closing Date: 12-10-2017 (251)


ZONTO is complex of software products, solutions, services and technologies aggregated in a single platform. ZONTO ico system has several functional modules which collaborate with each other. Such a unique technology solution attached the emergent new qualities to the complex. The synergistic effect gained through the ZONTO modules collaborates and produces significant benefits to all the participants using ZONTO as the means of communication, business, entertainment or purchases. By utilizing technologies, tools, and infrastructure of ZONTO, users can create “an ecosystem” with chains of connections, interests and mutually beneficial opportunities.

ZONTO has a team of developers who are gathered from several countries such as Estonia, Ukraine, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Great Britain who are working on ZONTO project for last 2 years. Zonto would be “social network”, but at the same, it is not going to be functional. Their teams’ goal is to create a convenient interface of the system which is going to have social network and number of different functional modules.

ZONTO will bring together business and clients into its system. The clients can easily view any services or goods depending on their interest and directly connect with a business representative to book a place, to schedule a service, to view advertisements or promotions and even to place own advertisements on the map.

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Team Members

Nikita Rudskoy - CMO

Vladyslav Siedov - iOS Developer

Ilya Andrienko - Android Developer

Roman Zherebko - Back-End Developer

Stanislav Stepichev - UI/UX Designer

Aleksey Podlegaev - DevOps Engineer

Vitaliy Belushenko - UI/UX Designer

Dmitry Kolomiets - Marketer

Angelika Volska - Marketer & PR Manager

Elena Ilina - UI/UX Designer

Valery Ivanov - CIO

Andrey Obihod - Full Stack Developer

Alina Vinogradova - Front-End Developer

Konstantin Kostenko - Front-End Developer

Dmitry Dzubenko - Back-End Developer

Alex Erdel - Co-Founder

Andre Ertel - Co-Founder

Konstantin Kosiakov - Co-Founder


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