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Logo Name Token Start Date
SimplyVital Health [HLTH] 2017-10-31
Pylon Network [PYLNT] 2017-09-25
The Memessenger [MET] 2017-07-25
BMChain [BMT] 2017-09-10
VerifyUnion [UCN] 2017-10-03
Sahara Chain [SAND] 2017-10-20
Peerguess [GUESS] 2017-10-28
Vaccum [VAC] 2017-10-24
Izetex [IZX] 2017-11-13
Polymerium [PLM] 2017-11-01
Rados [STN] 2017-07-31
Asset Token [AST] 2017-10-30
LIKE [LIKE] 2017-10-15
Digmus [DGM] 2017-11-24
EZMarket [EZM] 2017-10-14
KredX [KRT] 2017-10-03
Athena [ATN] 2017-10-12
MCXcoin [MCX] 2017-10-05
wysker [WYS] 2017-11-01
RefToken [RefToken] 2017-11-17
Hackspace [HAC] 2017-09-19
Betmaster [BETM] 2017-09-06
Indigo Racing [INDIGO] 2017-11-01
Webcoin [WEBCOIN] 2017-10-01
CrowdWiz [WIZ] 2017-11-20
Gizer [GZR] 2017-11-21
BitRent [RNT] 2017-11-24
Covesting [COV] 2017-11-24
Gladius [GLA] 2017-11-01
Global Jobcoin [GJC] 2017-10-28
Lordmancer II [LC] 2017-11-07
MyWish [TM-WISH] 2017-10-25
Opporty [OPP] 2017-10-27
Publica [PBL] 2017-11-01
Rocket ICO [ROCK] 2017-11-01
SportyFi [SPF] 2017-11-21
CopPay [COP] 2017-10-30
Prosense [VRP] 2017-11-16
Stayawhile [STAY] 2017-11-09
Auctus [AUC] 2017-11-14
Bitcoin ATM Project [CCO ] 2017-11-01
MiniApps [MAT] 2017-10-18
Proof Suite [PRFT] 2017-11-01
Robomed Network [RBM] 2017-10-25
Tokenbox [TBX] 2017-11-14
Vezt [VZT] 2017-11-04
AB-CHAIN [ABC] 2017-10-23
Sinergia Blockchain [SNG] 2017-11-08
DeckSwap [DEK] 2017-10-24
Freedom Streaming [FDM] 2017-11-15
Payfair [PFR] 2017-11-01
SAAVcoin [SAAV] 2017-10-22
Pindify [PDI] 2017-11-20
Alttradex [ATXT] 2017-10-25
Multibot [MBT] 2017-10-20
MARK.SPACE [MRK] 2017-11-24
StreamSpace [SSH] 2017-10-23
CryptoCopy [COPY] 2017-11-11
Fundaria [RI] 2017-11-22
SoyCoin [SYC] 2017-10-31
AnonHotels [PRIV] 2017-11-22
Nuggets [NUG] 2017-10-24
algo.land [PLM] 2017-11-01
Charg Coin [CHARG] 2017-11-15
Hut34 Project [ENT] 2017-11-02
Latium [LATX] 2017-11-15
ILCOIN [ILCT ] 2017-10-15
kevin. [KVT] 2017-10-17
Exxor [EXX] 2017-10-11
TripAlly [Ally ] 2017-10-15
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Tripally is the world’s first globally connecting platform. Tripally has reasonable cost with high speed and consistent connectivity. The user can make use of his existing SIM-Card for services such as banking, messaging and E-mails. Tripally helps the user to stay connected without changing h...


Exxor is a cryptocurrency which provides dynamic M2M interactions in the loT industry. Exxor is utilizing the technology derived from DAG in every transaction. It uses directed acyclic graphs (DAG) which enables zero fees on microtransactions and has high scalability. It also provides offline transa...


Refereum is a platform for developers who pay a large amount to reach their fans. The Twitch and Youtube influencers have the largest followings on the Internet but don’t receive any returns when an audience commands. The gaming career is impervious for most players. Refereum cuts out the mark...

ArtEx Global

ARTEX platform makes a record of the inception work of art in the blockchain. It enables investors and collectors to receive information about exhibitions and sales. A user can also check the expert assessments, price indexes by using a simple mobile application. Artex is the largest media holders f...


Kevin. is an amazing online banking service. It enables users to easily link and manage different crypto accounts with bank accounts. Kevin providers’ users to spend funds, keep track of the spending, convert the currencies, request the payments from friends or business partners or transacted ...


ILCOIN is the latest alternative to Bitcoin. It is developed by R&G GmbH, utilizing SHA-256 encryption technology. It is not dependent on the current banking system. ILCOIN has its own status. There are about 2.5 Billion ILCOIN available with around 80,000 users residing in Asia. It is based on ...


Latium is the first platform that incorporates an automated rating system. This allows a user to design a task for which they can hire one person or many thousands of people to complete the task. This happens within a trustless environment where all participants have transparency within themselves.&...

Fund Request

FundRequest is a decentralized marketplace for collaborating the open source. It is a system that supports custom and boosts the open source community as a whole from developer to end user. The developer gets rewarded for his efforts. This is a quick and easy way to fund OS support. The community bu...

Hut34 Project

Entropy token is an ERC20 token which is based on Ethereum blockchain. It basically empowers the Hut34 network. It is an open distributed interbot network for exchanging data, information, and services. Features:- Connect: - It is a simple, candid connection that provides frictionless access to...

Cryptex Network

Cryptex Network is two-biometric authentication. It is built on blockchain technology and smart contract. The team is developing open-source software for decentralized security. It has the worldwide collection of micronodes which utilizes industry-leading cryptography. It reforms the security indust...